Women's Self Protection Courses

The Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre has been offering sucessful courses on Women's Self Protection for more than 12 years. Our courses are completely hands-on, and taught by professionally trained instructors in small group setting.

Our Women's Self Protection courses provide realistic and effective self protection training for today's busy female.

These courses will provide you with:
• Simple, yet effective self protection techniques
• Awareness training
• Risk reductions and Assessment Skills
• Self realization of your personal power

The paradox of self protection is that the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it.When you can recognize and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you are more confident in your every day activities, therefore you are less likely to become a target of violence.

At the Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre, we believe that self protection should encompass the mind, body and spirit.
1. Educate the mind
2. Train the body
3. Empower the Spirit

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