Mark Lawrence - roshi

Roshi Mark Lawrence was elected as the head of the Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu Association by the leaders of the newly formed organization. He has been the Head Instructor of the Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre for the past 16 years, and was a personal student of Hoshin's founder, Dr. Glenn J. Morris-soke. Mark was studied various aspects of both the internal and external martial arts for than 20 years. He has training in various forms of healing work such as Therapeutic Touch, massage and acupressure. Mark has been practicing different forms for meditation for years before he started training in external martial arts, and was eventually led to Dr. Morris' series of books on martial arts and the esoteric. After reading these books, Mark travelled to Indiana to meet and train with Dr. Morris. This was the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship with a man that would be Mark's mentor, friend and teacher for years to come.

Within the first year of training with Dr. Morris, Mark achieved the rising of the Kundalini. This was another rebirthing of sorts for Mark and he was very lucky to have his mentor around to help him through the process.

On one of Dr. Morris' extended trips to KHTC in 2004, Mark was honoured to be able to assist Dr. Morris-soke in recreating the Hoshin syllabi. It was at this time, that the latest instructional Hoshin DVDs were created. A project that Dr. Morris-soke would unfortunately never see finished. In January of 2006, Mark was honoured by Dr. Morris-soke with the rank and title of Yondan (4th degree black belt) which was the last rank he received from Dr. Morris-soke before he died in April of 2006.

After the death of Dr. Morris, Mark and other leaders of the original organization did everything possible to keep Hoshin from fading away. Mark and his very supportive wife, Tina, put in extensive hours striving to drive Hoshin, and the new leadership forward. In recognition for this work, Mark was named Man of the Year for Excellence in Communication when he was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame the following year.

Mark is a certified HoshinTao Chi Kung Instructor, and one of a handful of people worldwide that teaches Dr. Glenn Morris' Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy Seminars. Mark was awarded the Dr. Glenn Morris Award for Service by the Hoshinroshiryu at the 2008 Kaizen in New York.

Since Dr. Morris-soke death, several things changed within the original Roshi Ryu organization, and its leadership. After much soul searching, Mark and several of the other leaders decided to leave the original organization to form this new Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu organization.

Mark has continued his growth and expanded his horizons becoming a certified Fitness Instructor, Advanced Fitness Kickboxing Specialist and Certified MMA Conditioning Specialist. He continues to find new ways to help people reach their goals on all levels: mind, body and spirit.