Martial Arts - Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu

The Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre (KHTC) was the first official Hoshin Martial Art training facility in Canada, and is Hoshin honbu. KHTC has been in existence since 1999, offering weekly classes in Hoshinjutsu, Self Protection, Women's Self Protection, and HoshinTao Chi Kung. In 2000, Dr. Morris-soke honoured KHTC at the annual Kaizen event with the Hoshinroshiryu Award for Service.

The Hoshin system is a balance of both the internal and external sides of the martial arts, combining a combative self protection system, with a well balanced chi kung and meditation program.

The modernized, no-nonsense self protection system is a conglomeration of hundreds of years of warrior training derived from combative traditions from Japan, China, Russia, India, and North America. The system includes kicks, strikes, throws, joint locks, ground fighting, pressure point tactics, and the use of common, modern and traditional weaponry.

The internal side of Hoshin teaches various chi kung forms, meditation, massage, and acupressure techniques. The combination of these aspects creates a unique and sought after martial art. In fact, many of our students travel distances longer than 2 hours to attend our weekly classes.

KHTC Training Facility

The KHTC training facility offers students a private, yet professional setting for training. Safety is always of upmost importance. For this reason, the training centre floor is covered by 2 inch thick mats. In the summer, when weather permits, we have onsite outdoor facilities which we use to keep the training real. The atmosphere at KHTC is one of personal development, support and family.

Adult Martial Arts Classes

In our adult Martial Art Classes all belt levels work together to learn new concepts and build on foundations together. New students are welcome throughout the year.

Thursday nights 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Youth Martial Arts Classes

Our Youth Hoshin class focuses on self protection martial arts, meditation and much more for nine year olds and up. Classes take place weekly on Thursday nights from 5:45-6:45pm.


We host seminars with some of the most talented and accomplished martial artists, healing practitioners, and presenters from around the world. Please check out our events page for a listing of upcoming seminars.

As we celebrate our 16th year with a diverse student body, and new hopes for the future, we still maintain a family-like atmosphere in which to train in.