KHTC Instructors

At the Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre, our instructors are not only martial artists with various martial and healing backgrounds, but they are also certified and experienced trainers.

Roshi Mark Lawrence

Martial Arts Background
KHTC Head Instructor
Head of the Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu Association
Kaicho - WaShin International
Rokudan (6th degree black belt) - Hoshinjutsu
Nidan (2nd degree black belt) - Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
Head Instructor of HoshinTao Chi Kung Program
Dr. Glenn Morris Award - Hoshinroshiryu 2008
Man of the Year - World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2006

Fitness Background
Certified Fitness Instructor
Certified Advanced Fitness Kickboxing Specialist
Certified MMA Conditioning Specialist

Tina Hohenadel

HoshinTao Chi Kung Program Coordinator
Hoshin Youth Class Instructor
Instructor Chi Kung class
Instructor Customized Self Protection Classes
Void Belt - Hoshinjutsu

James Stefanuk

Certified HoshinTao Chi Kung Instructor
Shodan - Hoshinjutsu

Michael Goode

Certified HoshinTao Chi Kung Instructor
Shodan - Hoshinjutsu
Sempai - Hoshin Adult Class

Kristen Deyell

Certified Fitness Kickboxing Specialist

Ron Hocking

Sempai - Hoshin Adult Class

Dennis Peoples

Hoshin Youth Class Instructor

Cavan Stoddart

Sempai - Hoshin Youth Class