Welcome to Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre

The Kawartha Hoshin Training Centre (KHTC) is located in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. For over 16 years, our classes have been developed to meet the needs of a changing world while keeping the family atmosphere feeling in our training centre. We offer an extensive array of classes to meet your individual needs.

Martial Arts Classes

We have been offering training in the eclectic martial art known as Hoshinjutsu, as developed by the late Dr. Glenn J. Morris-soke for 16 years. Weekly classes are available for both adults and children on Thursday nights.

Fitness Classes

If you are ready to take your fitness conditioning to a whole new level, join us for one of our Warrior Fitness and Warrior Kickboxing/MMA Conditioning classes. These action packed, intensive fitness classes are sure to get your heart pumping, burn tons of calories and are lots of fun. Weekly classes, private and private group classes are available to meet your fitness and schedule needs.

Customized Self Protection Classes

KHTC now offers programs specifically designed for your needs. Our new customized Self Protection Classes is created just for you, your needs, past experiences and skillset. Both private and small group classes are available.

Chi Kung Classes

Our Chi Kung class on Tuesday nights (6:30-7:30pm) focus on meditation, healing energy and self development. It's a time carved out in the week for you to decompress and connect.

Special Events/Seminars

Seminars and special events are offered regularily to provide additional training to students from both our instructors and worldwide instructors. Check out our events page for upcoming events.