Warrior Fitness Classes

Are You Ready to Kick It?

Get that shredded body like you’ve always wanted using the latest conditioning methods used by elite athletes of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We offer Warrior Fitness classes, Warrior Kickboxing/MMA Conditioning, Private and Private Group classes.

Where do You fit in:

Weekly Warrior Fitness Classes

Are you looking for a way to demolish your fitness goals? If your best friend is a treadmill and you feel like you've been a hamster in a wheel? Then it's time for a change! It's time you tried Warrior Fitness. This is not about running 10km and then jumping up and down for a half hour. Warrior Fitness is a 60 minute heart pumping work out that will sculpt your body into the chiselled warrior you’ve always wanted to be! Burn more calories; lose weight; and re-shape your body all while having a tremendous amount of fun.

Weekly Warrior Kickboxing/MMA Condititioning Class
Fitness Kickboxing is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry today. Even though kickboxing is a competitive full contact sport, most people are attracted to fitness kickboxing for it's fitness benefits. The cardiovascular, toning, conditioning and motor skill enhancements gained make fitness kickboxing a tremendous option to burn 800+ calories while kicking and punching away your stress and extra pounds.

Private Fitness Classes

Have you ever wanted to have your own personal fitness instructor?
Someone that will help to motivate and guide you to acheiving your fitness goals. Let us create a complete custom fitness regeim for you based on your goals and schedule. Add your personal effort and you have the perfect receipe for success!

Private Group Fitness Classes
Would you and few friends like to get in shape together? Are you a bride and bridal party that wants to lose a few pounds before your big day? Whatever your situation, if you have 3 to 6 people that
would like to lose weight, get fit, look great, and have a tonne of fun doing so then this is the program for you! Each class will be custom designed to meet the needs of you and your group.